October is my favorite month of the year so I always get a little bummed when it nears Halloween. On the bright side, the mid- fall cycle is a great time for research, collecting leaves, and taking photos on long walks. 

Just Dam It

Beavers, beavers, beavers.... how do I even begin to explain how much I love these hard working and adorable ecosystem engineers.  If you need to take a hard earned break from looking at anything pertaining to the 2016 election cycle, I put together some great beaver articles and an interesting documentary for you.


I did some rearranging today and thought I would get all my plants together for a family photo. I love collecting different types of plants and learning about each of their needs. They always brighten my day and my work space. 

Inspired by bike

I spent the weekend biking in Vilas County, Wisconsin which is a beautiful area of land on the border of the Upper Peninsula. Vilas is covered with the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and many county forest lands as well as nearly 700 lakes. This is my third time riding there and it just keeps getting better. It's truly magical and full of inspiration for my nature works. 



throwing things

I was lucky enough to slam some canvases this weekend in a fun shoot with the amazingly talented director, Nate Matson for an upcoming Communist Daughter video.